FUEL POWER for GAS (FP Plus and FP60) and DIESEL (FP 60)
Our Fuel Power line of additives increase combustion efficiency, lubricate fuel pumps and injectors, clean the fuel system, and potentially increase mileage. The products scavenge water and moisture from the fuel system so the resulting mix can be burned in the combustion chamber.

Fuel Power (FP) is a special blend of chemicals designed to clean your vehicle's fuel system and increase the potential energy in the fuel mixture. This in turn can increase fuel mileage and lengthen vehicle running time. These products will not only clean, but can protect a vehicle's fuel system by leaving a thin protective coat of oil over vital fuel system parts including fuel pump, gas tank and fuel injectors. FP also acts as a fuel stabilizer by dissolving carbon deposits and lowering the fuel mixture freezing points in both gas and diesel fuels. The product have also been shown to decrease both carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide emissions up to 30% which will reduce pollution.

What is the difference in the products?
FP 60 is the original blend utilizing a petroleum base. The chemistry of FP 60 was recently updated with a renewable base (soy) and additional upper cylinder protection. The new product, FP Plus, is designed specifically for Gas engines and provides the same benefit of FP 60 with the extra advantages of a cleaner burn, better upper cylinder protection and helping the environment with a GREEN product. All of the products have demonstrated customer satisfaction and positive test results.

FP Plus For Gas: 1 oz for every 10 gallons of gas added.
  FP 60 for Gas and Diesel:   1 oz for every 5 gallons of diesel or gas added