Customer Testimonials
1000 Highland Village Road ~ Highland Village, TX 75077

We started using your products in 1985. We have found that by using your products we can increase our mileage from 1 to 3 miles per gallon, and have less down time due to engine failure or starting problems.

In overhauling some of the engines out of the police squad cars that had from 120,000 to 140,000 miles on them, we were delighted to see that the motors were very clean inside with no carbon or varnish buildup. When the machine shop checked the motors they said that from the wear on the cylinders it was more like 30,000 to 35,000 miles of operation.

In 1998 with the changing of the budgets the use of your products was wavered. Consequently, after two years our maintenance cost increased by more than the cost of the product. Now we are using both products again and our maintenance of city vehicles has decreased dramatically. We have in our fleet all makes of diesel and gasoline engines.

We highly recommend Lube-Control products and will continue to use these products. Feel free to contact me if you with to discuss our success further.


Sam Smith
Fleet Maintenance Manager

1852 East Beltline Road ~ Coppell, TX 75019
1-800-549-3915 ~

Since our purchase of LC20 products LC20 and LC60 FP60, we have extended the life of our oil from oil changes every 3,000-4,000 to over 10,000 between changes. We have noticed an increase in fuel mileage of between one-half to two miles per gallon.

We would like to thank you for introducing these fine products to our company, and rest assured that you have our future business.


Robert Clark

Leased to Watkins Motor Lines
3629 Park Ridge Drive ~ Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

I am the owner of an International 235 Cummings. I, as well as 17 other owner/operators which are all leased to Watkins, are using Lube-Control 20 and Lube-Control FP60 60. I cannot say enough about these two products! They deliver what they promise! They CAN make an engine run smoother!

Let me explain. When I was approached to try Lube-Control 20 (oil) and Lube-Control FP60 60 (fuel) I had doubts. Another product. Another promise of performance. But this time I had results! And what wonderful results they were!

The results from the Dyno-Test at Cummings on Irving Boulevard in Dallas were tremendous. Before these products were put in my unit the power was down, fuel mileage was down, and it was using oil. After the Lube-Control products were added we re-tested on Dyno after 1,000 miles. My power has increased, my fuel mileage increased by 1/2 mile or better, and the usage of oil has been cut in half in only two weeks. I now have 18,000 miles on the oil and will have the oil analyzed by DARR.

I just bought 12 gallons of Lube-Control products which I will continue using in my tractor as well as my personal vehicles.

Anyone seeking to improve their fleet performance, please feel free to contact me.

Earl Kemp

315 Hundley Drive ~ Box 548 ~ Lake Dallas, Texas 75065

Lake Dallas ISD is now in their third year of using Lube-Control 20 and Lube-Control FP60 60 in all equipment including 25 school buses and all maintenance equipment. We have cut our purchases of motor oil and ATF in half. Using both products in crankcases, automatic tranmissions and power steering units plus diesel fuel and gasoline, mileage has increased close to two (2) MPG are we have practically eliminated black smoke, which means less pollution. We use DARR Equipment Company in Dallas, Texas for our fluid analysis of oil and ATF and the following analysis proves these products don't cost...THEY SAVE!

As Transportation Director I have instructed our shop to (1) change filter at 10,000 miles, (2) another oil analysis at 20,000 miles before changing oil in crankcase.

Let me give you another example of how great these products are. Six months ago we had a bus that was not shifting correctly. Our shop put Lube-Control 20 in the transmission and ran for 45 minutes sitting in gear. To this day that bus still shifts great and is still running which saved us a transmission overhaul.

We highly recommend Lube-Control product and will continue to use these products ourself. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss our success further.

Wendy Konz - Transportation Director

John Jenkins - Shop Maintenance Supervisor

6011 Morriss Road, Suite 100 ~ Flower Mound, TX 75028

I have been using Lube-Control in 5 of my vehicles for the last six months. It is a great product that delivers what it promises. I recommend it greatly and will continue to use it.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. I personally am looking for a way to invest this product.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am a single female taking care of my own car, a '92 GM Storm. Lube-Control has kept it running smoothly for the past seven years. I highly recommend this product to everyone! My car has over 73,000 miles on it and is running great!

Betty Simpson - Durham ID # 08637
Employed with Durham for 13 years

I am a firm believer in Lube-Control FP60 60 and Lube-Control 20 (oil). I also use Lube-Control 20 in my power steering and transmisson. My 1998 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup has over 211,000 miles on it. After seven years of using these products my engine is still very clean and all components of this vehicle run great! Lube-Control does what it says it does!

Ron Dunlop - Durham ID # 10518
Employed with Durham for 11 years

I own a Ford F-250 Dually International Diesel and I pull a 38' fifth wheel. With the use of Lube-Control products I have increased my fuel mileage and it has helped keep my injectors working properly. My neighbor and I travel together. He has a twin unit and he has had to replace two injectors. He now buys Lube-Control and has had smooth running of his injectors, engine and other components ever since.

Bill Eamans - Durham ID # 15820
Employed with Durham for 4 years

My name is Tracy French and I am a former employee of Durham Transportation (ID # 13147). I have a Ford Aerostar with over 157,000 miles. I have been using Lube-Control products for over seven years and my van still runs great! I highly recommend Lube-Control to all who wish to have a smoother running automobile with fantastic performance.

Tracy French
Former employee of Durham Transportation